Incubation, Compliance & Corporate Services

If your budget does not allow you to hire a full and functional finance and admin team but your full focus and attention is equally required to build and progress the vital parts of the business, then our service offering may be the solution to bridge this gap.

At Eikon Group we have more than 20 years of experience in mentoring and incubating visionary start-ups as well as established firms and subsidiaries of overseas companies. The members of our corporate services team at Cosec Direct are specialists in assisting you with establishing cost-efficient and seamless business processes, as well as corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures. Our team will work as a seamless integrated part of your team to extend your corporate capability to include administrative functions such as data protection, corporate compliance, bookkeeping, payroll, sales ledger, invoicing, and credit control management.

We offer a personal service and access to our network of expertise as well as potential business partners, suppliers and customers that share our value-driven and holistic approach to business.

As your company progresses through different stages of the corporate life and growth cycle - the skills required of the management team will change and need to be strengthened. We will provide you with potential candidates for these new roles whether they are needed during a transition or long term. With our international network of local experts we offer you a global reach.