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ADVISORY SERVICES Integral services
COACHING Personal Development
INCUBATION Value driven
Eikon Management

Eikon Management

Advisory Services 00

We believe in delivering integral services. Whether you wish us to act in a consultancy capacity or in a non-executive role then the key for us is to integrate functional expertise with industry-specific knowledge as well as general management expertise and to form a symbiosis with your existing management team.

International Expansion 01

If you have a product offering with international potential but are short of vital international experience or specific expertise, then our corporate advisory team may have the solution to close this gap.

Eikon Management is made up of a diverse team of successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives with extensive international expertise. Taking

companies through the transformation from a local player to a business with an international outlook is at the core of our competences.

Our approach is typically to help clients to reshape and build organisations with an international outlook, developing profitable route-to-market strategies, launching in new markets, and entering into strategic partnerships.

Personal Development 02

We thrive on realising existing talent and potential. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for our assistance through a transitional period only or you wish to strengthen the skills at board level on a medium to long term basis we believe that developing any company’s existing talent and potential is the true driving force of a winning team.

We work closely together with professional coaches and executive training providers. We consider executive leadership, management education, sparring and personal development as a natural, integrated part of our value-driven advisory service.

Turnarounds 03

If you have a product offering with exceptional growth potential but are struggling with financial restraints and tight budgets preventing you from realising this potential, then our experienced team may have the road map to overcome these challenges.

Good leadership is essential to return a struggling business to stability and future growth. Eikon Management has extensive experience in bringing together a business turnaround team to undertake onsite analyses of the business.

We believe in forming a working group involving not only the management team, but also key employees, suppliers, financiers and other stakeholders with the objective to identify significant problems and opportunities to develop a turnaround plan. This is done in conjunction with the management team to ensure a successful turnaround strategy that enables your business to return to stability and future growth.

Incubation, Compliance & Corporate Services 04

If your budget does not allow you to hire a full and functional finance and admin team but your full focus and attention is equally required to build and progress the vital parts of the business, then our service offering may be the solution to bridge this gap.

At Eikon Group we have more than 20 years of experience in mentoring and incubating visionary start-ups as well as established firms and subsidiaries of overseas companies. The members of our corporate services team at Cosec Direct are specialists in assisting you with establishing cost-efficient and seamless business processes, as well as corporate governance and regulatory compliance procedures. Our team will work as a seamless integrated part of your team to extend your corporate capability to include administrative functions such as data protection, corporate compliance, bookkeeping, payroll, sales ledger, invoicing, and credit control management.

We offer a personal service and access to our network of expertise as well as potential business partners, suppliers and customers that share our value-driven and holistic approach to business.

As your company progresses through different stages of the corporate life and growth cycle - the skills required of the management team will change and need to be strengthened. We will provide you with potential candidates for these new roles whether they are needed during a transition or long term. With our international network of local experts we offer you a global reach.

Eikon Capital

Eikon Capital

Funds Management 01

Eikon Capital is our investment arm established to back and form a stronger partnership with Small and Medium size companies that tend to be passed over by bigger private equity firms and yet are outside the reach of private investors.

We don’t just build businesses; we build synergistic connections between people, purpose and processes in each of our portfolio companies to bring about an evolution – or in some cases a turnaround that will lift them to the next level of growth.

We believe that we – as partners, together, can solve tasks that are greater than we could as individuals.

Investment Strategy 02

We seek to invest in innovative companies with an international growth potential where we can combine the strength of the management team with our capability to form value-driven entrepreneurial investment partnerships.

Our core portfolio acquisitions typically have the following characteristics:

  • Are product and service oriented companies in the B2B space.
  • Fall into the EUR 2 to 20 Mio. deal range in established companies.
  • Are well positioned in a niche market or have a specialised product offering.
  • Have a clear sustainable competitive advantage; brand recognition, high value solutions and unique relationships.
  • Have high value-adding potential where significant organic growth is possible through globalisation, improvements in the supply chain and organisational structure.

Our Investment Criteria 03

While we have a set of specifics that we use as a yardstick to measure the value of a potential investment, we would like to remain open to possibilities. We are constantly seeking opportunities to invest in companies with growth potential.

The company must have a strong potential to achieve a clear and sustainable competitive advantage in terms of brands, proprietary or niche products, services or unique customer relationships.